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The Fender Silverface Twin Reverb amplifier was produced between 1968 to 1982. Its name originates from the brushed aluminum look of the faceplate, which distinguishes it from the Blackface Fender amps that preceded it. The Blackface Twin is 65 watts, whilst the Silverface Twins produced between 1968 and 1976 are 100 watts.

You'll love waking up for the marina view.Eat: Schnappa Rock Restaurant and Bar . oakleysunglasses bluetooth jabra Great decor, fantastic menu and friendly staff.Drive: If you are not about to scuba dive, the coastal drive to Tutakaka and Schnappa Rock's menu can be worth the trip alone especially comfortable for us within a loaned Ford EcoSport (its Sync feature permits you to hear your phone's music making automatically calls). The EcoSport even got the verdict of "sick" in the teenager (which, despite how it sounds, is positive feedback) and that we liked its combo of being economical when cruising along but appreciated to be able to select more grunt for hill climbs or overtaking slow vehicles..

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